Marinaz agraria e giardinaggio is a modern specialized agricultural and gardening company located in Muggia, in the province of Trieste.

Our point of sale, developed on an area of 1500 square meters, boasts an assortment of 8000 items and is aimed both at hobbyists and professionals.

The company was founded in 1947, when Vladislao Marinaz opened a small shop in Trieste dedicated to the sale of agricultural products. The origin of the family and the interest in the agricultural sector pushed him to develop the production and sale of seeds, paying particular attention to the selection of local varieties, such as blonde chard, Trieste chicory and Augustan lettuce. Thanks to his tenacity and passion, he was able to spread first among the specialized horticulturists of the area, then, starting in the 60s throughout the region, products that until then were known only to a few native growers of the area.



At the end of the 1970s the company was among the first in Italy to comply with the new law on the packaging of seeds, which provided for the transition from the sale of the bulk product to the sale of the packaged product, creating a line of own-brand packaging that allowed it to respond promptly to the new needs that the market demanded.

The seed packaging process involves the constant and accurate verification of all stages of processing, from selection to sowing, from cleaning to packaging in order to ensure an excellent standard of quality to the final customer.


The flexibility and the propensity for innovation that have always distinguished the company are the motivations that drive to make investments in plants, equipment and human resources necessary to achieve a continuous improvement in the quality of products for the customer.

In 2010 the company studies and produces a new line of seed bags called "Natural quality" for which it uses even more valuable seed selections. The packages use natural materials (kraft paper) reminiscent of the "old bags" in respect of the environment.

Our range of products includes, in addition to highly selected seeds, plants and bulbs, natural and organic mineral fertilizers for the garden and vegetable garden as well as a very wide range of products to obtain a garden that is always beautiful, dense and well-kept and to keep the plants and flowers of the balcony of the house in the best possible way.


We also offer technical and professional tools of the most prestigious brands, products for outdoor furniture, vases of every material and size but also household items and a wide assortment of workwear. Professionals active in the fields of viticulture, olive growing, fruit growing and horticulture find cutting-edge products from planting to harvesting, from irrigation to fertilization and plant protection. The range of products includes, for example, electrically driven equipment equipped with lithium-ion battery for pruning and tying, the best varieties of hybrid seeds able to ensure harvests in line with the most demanding market requirements and much more.

Excellent customer service

The company, strong of 60 years of activity in the sector, turns to the hobbyist and professional customer with the aim to propose innovative and high quality products and to provide answers and competent advice also in the after-sales phase, helping to solve every customer problem. We believe that the best products and competitive prices are not enough to win the trust of our customers.



Advising, suggesting, proposing projects and solutions, being available with professionalism and courtesy to solve a doubt or a problem are important and essential aspects of our philosophy. All the more so because it is our EXPERTS who do it: PEOPLE WITH FEET ON EARTH!

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